What We Believe

God’s Love

We believe that although the world contains much suffering, God is a God of love who made the universe and loves everybody in it.

The World We Live In

The world contains many contradictions. On the one hand there is beauty, truth and love, but on the other there is suffering, hate and death. The root cause of this contradiction is the breakdown of the relationship between God and mankind. We have walked away from him and gone our own way, rejecting him as God. This is why God can sometimes seem distant and far away from us.

 Jesus, God’s Son

We believe that God has made the first move in restoring our relationship with him. Jesus not only shows us what God is like but also, through his death on the cross and resurrection from the dead, has made it possible for us to have a new relationship with him. Through the cross Jesus paid the debt we have with God, and through Jesus’ resurrection from the dead God has reversed the most significant contradiction that our world faces.

The Bible

The bible is a unique record of God’s relationship with the world. Through its pages we learn about Jesus and the importance of what he said and did. Because Jesus is also God, the bible takes us right to the point of the most significant actions that God has done in the world. When the bible is explained, we hear God speaking.

God’s Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit gives new life and helps us to grow more like Jesus. We need his power to live for him.

The Church

Our church is a diverse community of people in a covenant (that means permanent) relationship with God, and with each other and with the wider Christian community. Our church is neither a building nor a club – we are God’s family. We promise one another that nothing they do to us or fail to do will affect our love for them; that we will be open and honest with each other, speaking the truth in love; that we will be gracious and kind to one another, forbearing and forgiving, resolving difficulties that arise and, if necessary, enduring wrong; that we will value one another’s differences; that we will encourage one another; and that we will help one another to discover, develop and use our God-given gifts.