Home Groups

Celebrating our faith together on Sundays is important for all Christians. But as a church family we have other opportunities to meet and build understanding and fellowship with each other. During the week we can do this in our Home Groups, which in St Mary’s are called Connect Groups.

Connect Groups have a number of aims:-

  • To get to know other Christians, for mutual support and friendship
  • To study the bible
  • To pray together
  • To grow in faith

There is a group specifically designed for newcomers to the church, and others that cater for the needs of different age groups. At all, you will find friendly people who are eager to learn and share.

The groups are located in different areas across Watford, mostly in people’s homes, held on various times and days during the week.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Connect Groups, and where there is one in your area, please contact us.